Walking and talking….

Between the subway and the cemetery, I experienced a bit of rain, a few flakes and a hint of sunshine. Welcome to indecisive March. It was great to see some of the Chilly gang out. They have been doing hill training on Saturdays and we have missed them (along with those training for Around the Bay and Big Sur). I am looking forward to April when we will all back together again.
Our group of ten did a brisk once around under a sky that finally settled on leaden grey. The wind pushed us around a bit but we pushed back. Nothing stands between a TPWer and her breakfast!
Over breakfast, the conversation swirled and dodged and darted in its usual random way. At our end of the table, Sue, Carol and I got talking about some of the drudgery of managing day-to-day life – bills, taxes, insurance, and all that other irksome paperworky kind of thing. It depressed us so much we agreed to stop talking about it. On the way home I realized that, when I am walking, I rarely think about those things. Whether it is the physical exertion, the beauty (mostly) of our surroundings or the distraction of talking to my pals, I am in a different zone when I walk. It is as close as I get to ‘being in the moment’ and it is a fine thing.
So let’s raise a cheer to the mental and spiritual benefits of walking – in addition to the good we are doing for our bodies!
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