Walking and talking…

The milder weather brought out a lively group of walkers this morning (including a newbie – welcome –  and our very own Phyllis back from vacation and flu). I am, as always, fascinated by the wide range of things we talk about. Following are just some of the topics covered:
·         ·         the weather
·         the challenge of coping with difficult colleagues
·         movies – the relative merits of Kingsman (Colin Firth and exploding heads) and Whiplash (moral ambiguity, the cost of excellence and many other deep issues). Thumbs up to both.
·         reflections on our own mortality
·         travel and races – some people are going to the East Coast, some to Luberon, some to Collingwood
·         the weather
·         the merits of various job offers and how to decide
·         the importance of balancing work teams with the most effective being those that combine people who think like you and those who don’t
·         babies (Ela has a new granddaughter – huge congratulations!)
·         the wonderful advances in science that allow for individualized treatment of diseases like cancer and depression
·         hoola-hooping (I now own my own – thank you Laurel)
·         our lovely new Toronto Power Walker shirts (thanks from all of us to Laurel for organizing – and the pretty presentation)
·         the weather!

Wonderful to get so much stimulation for the mind while we are doing something great for our bodies. Looking forward to picking up the conversation next week.

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