Walking and ‘Intellectualizing’

It struck me, later, that my discussion (over breakfast) with Sherry was marked by a seriousness I usually give when resolving the plight of another person’s woes. The subject which had my attention was cross training.

Could it be that the upcoming training with Barb (500 Avenue Road) this Tuesday (@6:30 pm ) and next Tuesday (same time and place) was on my mind? Could it be that our end of season celebration @ Harbord House on Thursday Nov. 26th (6pm) was responsible ? Somehow I doubt it. When I met up with James, the first to greet me at the cemetery, cross training was not on my mind. Nor was it on my mind when Sue informed me that parking on the street was only for an hour; I ended up parking in a parking lot. The seriousness certainly could not be attributed to the weather or the distance.

Fiona, Maggie, Laurel, Diane, Mary, Debra, Carol, David, Klara, James, Sue, James, Rosemarie, Carron, Sherry, our newest member Cheryl and myself walked in cool but not cold weather. It was a beautiful November day. Sun shining, leaves falling to the ground carpeting the cemetery road. No, certainly not the beauty of the walk, the company nor the weather. Somehow walking the distance, this time, has taken on more of a intellectual meaning.

The meaning may reveal itself during one of my weekday walks, or on the longer Saturday walk or it may remain forever a mystery. It may. One thing, for me, is sure and that is regardless of the seriousness I attribute or the mystery of the origin of the seriousness, it really boils down to an irrelevancy because it is a matter of doing ; for those of us who walk the distance.

Reminder: Please RSVP (tpw@rogers.com) for the Nov. 10 or 17th training and whether you are coming to the end of season dinner on Nov. 26th.

We are still walking on Saturdays, from the Yonge Street side of the cemetery, but you are on your own for mid week walks…. Check out cross-training opportunities in your neighborhood, or talk about it while walking or eating (as Susan did)

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