Walking and eating and chatting…

An interesting morning all in all – really showcased all the things I love about the TPW group. Good turnout for our walk – a little sunshine and not a bit of snow  (is this really Toronto?). 
We were joined by Ben who is thinking of starting a new walking race and wanted our input.  At Carol’s we signed our annual waivers,  paid our $50 membership fee, exchanged books, and, of course, ate the delicious goodies that everyone brought. We talked about our new ‘by invitation’  Facebook page that will allow us to communicate about things that don’t involve the whole group. We covered several up-coming races and trips (Iceland and Newfoundland) as well as those closer to home like the Sporting Life 10K on May 8th.  We agreed that we would accept the invitation of the Beaches BIA to walk there on Feb. 27 (take note all!) to see their art installation. The spa group decided that most would do a brief walk on Feb 20 before heading to our hot tub, pool, lunch and various treatments. We discussed doing some training with Lee S. that would include a walk and a yoga class – details to be confirmed.  Whew, a lot of ground covered.
When the dust settled, Sue said we were about 35 members strong – which I think is fantastic!

Thanks Carol for hosting in your warm and welcoming house and thank you all my TPW friends for being such a great group.

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