Walking among the dead….

I am writing this from the sanctuary of home, with the doors tightly locked.
This morning’s walk started out like so many – a good cluster of walkers chatting comfortably at the cemetery gate, welcome to an new member, a group stretch, and off we went.
It was oddly quiet without the usual twitter of birds and rustle of squirrels. In the distance we heard what sounded like a scream, abruptly silenced. Uneasy but undeterred we continued. Near the mausoleum, we saw an odd figure lurching toward us.
As he (she/it?) got closer, I recognized something familiar in the disjointed shambling – and then I saw the glazed eyes, the dripping mouth, the reaching hands… My worst nightmare was coming true – it was a ZOMBIE ATTACK…
April Fools!
In reality we had a lovely walk, everyone survived to eat a hearty breakfast and to talk about our usual broad range of topics (and I think this blog proves how ‘unintellectual’ I am).

Congrats to Linda on her new granddaughter and best wishes to Laurel on her return to work. Have a great week everyone, enjoy life and avoid the undead.

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