Walking along cloud street…

One of the joys of walking along the lakeshore is the chance to watch the every changing interaction between the sky and the water. This morning held a special treat – a line of puffy, low hanging, white clouds,  hovering over the water,  for the length of our walk. It was quite spectacular, particularly as the rest of the sky was unbroken blue.
The little I learned about clouds I have forgotten but Linda identified them as cumulus clouds. I looked them up and apparently ‘cumulus clouds can form in lines stretching over 480 kilometres called ‘cloud streets’. 
I thought that was fitting – we Toronto Power Walkers have walked in all sorts of places, including most recently, Iceland, and now we have walked along cloud street!

It is hard to believe it is September – not sure where the summer went. Several of the gang are training for the Scotiabank race in October, others for Montreal.  I am still sitting on the fence as I haven’t really put in the training – but that is okay too. Sometimes just getting out and enjoying the company and the sights is enough.

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