Walk the Distance and Hope Springs Eternal

The winds, the night before the walk, had been ones that brought trees to their knees and enabled some cars to dance on various roads and highways. Nature brought temperatures, on the Saturday of the walk,
which left trails of white smoke spewing from most of the nostrils and mouths of the walkers.

Bev, Diane, Fiona, Helen, Klara, Laurel,  Linda, Lorisa, Margie, Martha, Mary , Rorie,  Sherry, Shirley , Sue  and Susan gathered for the weekly Saturday walk. Some of the aforementioned hoped that at least one walker would arrive for the walk.  The 16 arrivals, giving the pleasure around the breakfast table at the turn out, marked for
me the first fulfilled desire of hope.

The majority of the 16 gathered  intended to complete one loop. Starting off together each individual set to complete the loop (a little over 6 K) at her own pace; a common practice with the TPW group. It was after the walk started that hope was fulfilled the second time.

The second story I am linking to hope is, a bit exaggerated on my part, as follows.

Shirley, it was her first time out this year, started walking with the TPW and then somewhere during the loop entered into a conversation with another group of people. Soon after the conversation was over and
on her own, she hoped that a TPW walker would arrive and accompany her on her walk. Linda, who had left the TPW group to respond to her call of nature, came across Shirley filling in her ‘waiting for someone time’
with (of course) hill training.  Linda seeing Shirley doing hill training thought it was marvellous idea and joined her. Soon Linda and Shirley completed their hill training and Linda accompanied Shirley’s on her walk.  This marked for me the second fulfillment of hope.

I am not too sure if it was Linda’s hope to do hill training but let’s say it was and have three hopes realized. Oh what the heck let’s throw in another fulfilled hope in that Shirley had someone with her to do the hill training.

Voila, four hopes realized.

As all of this was going on, Helen who was walking with Klara and Fiona happened to come upon Rorie. Knowing Rorie’s dislike of walking alone, especially on terrain where the black ice likes to throw up its arms to hurl walkers at dizzying speeds down roads, Helen accompanied Rorie for her second loop around the cemetery. I am going
to count this, correct me if I am wrong Rorie, as the fifth hope fulfilled. I think I will count this as the final hope realized.

Oh wait…wait…wait… there is Sue and her thermal socks. I have it from a reliable source that Sue’s socks kept her warm throughout the entire walk.  This is the sixth hope realized.

Six hopes fulfilled in the span of about one to two hours….all fulfilled by TPWs.

Sadly I must report about a hope that was unfilled. Mary and Ela, because of weather conditions, did not go snowshoeing on Saturday as they hoped. So they walked instead. White streams of smoke followed them through High Park.

So you see hope does springs eternal in a walkers breast; that is for the  walkers who walks the distance.

I am not convinced that Alexander Pope would like his saying used this way but nevertheless there you have it.


  • If you haven’t checked it out, there is a lovely 300m. skating trail at Samuel Smith Park (Kipling and Lakeshore area). In spring, summer and fall its a walking trail; free parking available.  
  • April 2nd 2011 marks the Harry 5K or 8K – walk it or volunteer.
  • The Sporting Life is soon arriving on the 1st of May 2011.

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