Walk safely

Mid-way through Saturday morning’s walk, I thought I would be writing this blog about the beauty and variety  of our route, the  fun of seeing the adorable baby capybaras, the excitement of the preparations for the Caribbean Parade and the simple joy of stopping for a fresh smoothie.
But, as the foursome I was walking with neared the restaurant, one of our group fell, hitting her cheek on the curb and sustaining a nasty gash on her head. Sherry’s clarity of mind and knowledge of how to treat head wounds kept us all  calm and Catherine and I focused on getting an ambulance and helping as best we could. Our thoughts are with you Jo Ann.

We normally extol the social value of walking as a group but an incident like this points out the safety value too. As it happens, the park was busy and many people stopped to help (thank you all particularly the nice lady who provided a bag of ice and the lovely policemen). However, that isn’t always the case so walking with a buddy is always a good idea. Other safety tips – make sure someone in the group has a cell phone and carry ID with a number of someone to contact just in case.  Walking is about as safe as it gets but accidents happen very quickly and unpredictably and it is good to be just a little bit prepared.

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