Waking in the dark and walking in the sunshine…

It really felt like fall on Sat when I woke at 6:00 and it was pitch dark out. On the drive west to High Park, I kept looking in my rear view mirror hoping to see the rising sun … and finally saw the sky softening behind me at about 6:40.
When I arrived I found we were out in force. Phyllis commemorated the occasion with a new picture (not our best shot, but the sunrise was lovely!) of the group taken against a fabulous pink sunrise. We were all there to support those who are doing the up-coming Toronto Marathon on Oct. 17 and to walk our own distances from 10-21K. Carol and I did about 12K and felt good about it. It was a gorgeous morning and it felt great to be alive. The Lakeshore in the early morning was spectacular.
Over breakfast we chatted about Mary’s place in France, the walker’s only race in Kitchener/Waterloo, husbands who may or may not be great handymen and other earthshaking topics. Next week is High Park again. Some of us are going to come for 8:00 and hope to catch the 7am group for breakfast.
Tuesday is the Reservoir at 6:30pm. The plan is to keep up the routine until after the Marathon and then we will revert to the cemetery at 8:30 on Saturdays.
Remember to sign up for Habitat for Humanity on Nov 27th (tpw@rogers.com) if you are interested.

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