There are so many adjectives that describe the members of Toronto Power Walkers: strong, self-reliant, supportive, sagacious, occasionally sarcastic, and sometimes, after a long walk, salty.  (Forgive me, I got going on an “s? thing there and couldn’t stop.)

When we feel so very able to handle whatever comes our way, it’s hard to remember we are also vulnerable.  One of our members tripped or slipped this week, and ended up with a bad bruise.  When we’re walking long distances, we need to be especially careful on the home stretch when our feet might not lift quite so completely.

That said, accidents happen.  And when they do, this is the group I want to be with.  Catherine went to get ice immediately; Susan suggested how to apply it.  A cluster of experienced, level-headed women took charge and ensured that the injured member was cared for – and made to laugh.

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