View from the ‘new guy’

I’m sitting here on my balcony with a coffee beside me, enjoying the blue sky, the green trees and the voices of birds all around. Yes, I’m recovering from the excellent walk, and remembering the excellent company I enjoyed on this morning’s walk. It’s hard to believe it was only last October that I began walking with TPW. A token male amongst a throng of women.

And as I’ve walked through the winter months and into this spring, I’ve found my niche in the group, often at the lead (although I had to ask Phyllis to slow down today), but happy to join the crowd and listen in t the many interesting conversations. And yes, I have bent the odd ear now and again, with my own stories of races past and even some personal highs and lows. I’m happy to share any walking tips for whoever cares to listen, and that people enjoy my occasional role as a pace bunny.

But as the race season has begun, I’ve seen a whole new side of TPW that has thrilled me. The support I’ve seen, both for myself and for other TPWers (Dianne is doing Niagara on Sunday), has been nothing less than inspiring. The well wishes before hand and the congratulations afterwards has left me smiling to myself, and proud to call myself a Toronto Power Walker.

I feel blessed that I found the right group at the right time as I transitioned to my new life in Toronto. Like I tell my co-workers, I really feel like now I’m just one of the girls 🙂 .

Happy walking everyone.

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