Variety is The Spice of Life

While I write this a few of our Toronto Power Walkers are walking 10 K  down Yonge St. and others have met at the cemetery and are probably wrapping up their walk .

Yesterday 9 of us gathered to walk and some of those who have walked the cemetery over the winter are now ready for High Park. Soon, May 5th 2012, we shall collectively relocate to High Park and walk various routes.

There appears to be a genuine happiness about the 7 am walkers being able to meet the 8 am walkers for breakfast at High Park. We measure (smile) our inclusiveness by how we arrange things so that people can meet for breakfast after walking their various distances within their various paces.  Others may measure their inclusiveness by a whole different set of measures but we at TPW (smile) measure our inclusiveness by how many ( if they chose) can break bread after.

In terms of variety we have plenty of that at the Toronto Powers Walkers. We have people walking various paces, various distances , wearing various attire, walking in various milieus and now there is a hint of the possibility of walking new routes in familiar milieus.

So there we have it . Variety and the spice …well we all know what that is . By the way could you please pass me the pepper and because I have just walked the distance and variety is the spice of life.

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