T’was the week before Christmas

T’was the week before Christmas
And all across Town

TPW’s were asking
“Is it cold enough for down?”

We get dressed and sigh, then check Rorie’s list
To see how many layers when it’s minus six

At the Mount Pleasant Gates TPW’s gather
And as the sun rises,  so too does the chatter

It starts with some whining about the proposed distance
But moves to bright laughter as we share the week’s experience.

Nicole leads the warm up with head to toe moves
Then we head off down the road trying to find our groove.

Leading the pack are the gazelles that are so fleet of foot,
Setting a pace that the rest of us can only dream of.
And a  close second group are  the walking talkers
You  hear snatches of friends supporting  each  other
The philosophers muse about the ways of the world
And I know that these  women could resolve all our woes

I view from the back and it’s a sight to behold,
The cadence of arms and legs moving in time
A ribbon of rhythm as kilometres unfold

After a couple of laps we decamp to for breakfast
To continue the sharing of lives and interests
I’ve seen other patrons looking on our group with smiles
Yearning to share in our fun  for a while.

A peace descends as our appetites are sated
Completely refreshed in both body and spirit
As I trudge home to tackle the weekend chores,
I think how lucky I am to have all this and more.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, good luck and love
From Lee to you all,  and to all a good walk!


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