Tuesdays are back on so spring must be near…

Our first Tuesday of the season got off to a flying start with about eight of us meeting at the pub (see the sidebar for times and meeting place). Helen came to get us sorted out even though she has a sore back (hope it is better). Rosemary came to introduce newbie Mary (welcome and hope you come again). We did a little less distance (okay, half) than recommended but all felt good to be back at it. Phyllis joined the group for dinner and to talk about the TPW’s volunteering to help support a race. We felt identifying one and getting a good group out would be the best way to begin. More later.

Saturday was wet and grey but Sue, Diane, Rorie, Lee, Sherry, Fiona, Klara, Susan and Lynn made it to the cemetery. Rorie’s magic jacket held the rain off for most of the walk but began to fail as we completed 7K and we decided that was enough. Sherri forced Lynn to go further thinking the rest of us would have done so but we were warm and dry and eating our bacon and eggs. Suzanne walked on her own underground and joined us for breakfast. It was wonderful to hear about Sherry’s adventures as a volunteer at the Olympics. Anyone for the Pan Am Games in 2015?

Next Saturday (March 20), Susan B. has very kindly arranged for all of us who are interested to join her and coach Stafford for a race-walking clinic (free but for the cost of gas). We will be meeting at the Grenadier at the luxuriously late hour of 9:00. NB If the weather is nasty (rain, snow, sleet) the clinic will be postponed. For those not interested in the clinic, it will be the cemetery at 8:30 as usual.

Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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