True Confessions

I must confess; I did not walk on Saturday morning.   I was already dubious about it when I saw the weather forecast the evening before and my doubt was confirmed at 7:00 am when I stepped out of my house for a brief weather check.  I beat a hasty retreat.   I was definitely not going to deliberately walk outside in cold, dripping winter rain!   I wasn’t always this way; I used to love being out in the rain when I was younger, puddle jumping, rescuing sidewalk worms, listening to the rain as it fell around me, and smelling that wet and earthy air.  My world was being washed clean and all would be bright and green afterwards.

Well,  that all changed after I participated in a three hour race held during a torrential rain storm. You know the kind, when it feels like buckets of water are being poured on your head.  For Three Hours Non Stop…It took a week for my running shoes to completely dry and I have never felt kindly about being out in the rain ever since.  And at least that had been warm rain but on Saturday?  That was cold winter rain!  I would much rather have snow.

So I did what any self-respecting rain phobic person does; I retreated to my bed with coffee and newspaper in hand.  I salute the courageous ones who ventured out regardless, clearly you are made of sterner stuff (perhaps waterproof?) than I am.   Your fair weather friend will see you again when it stops raining.

P.S. Kudos to the brave souls who braved the deluge.

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