Tracks- for those who have not heard of them before – are kind of rubber slippers you surround (usually) the bottom half of your sneakers. The soles of some ‘tracks’ (sometime called by the brand name Yak Trax)  have wire and others small little spikes/studs. They assist the wearer in not falling or slipping when the weather conditions are icy.

They can be bought at most running stores and today I heard they can be bought at non-running stores in various parts of the city for reasonable prices. My experience of tracks is that in this type of weather they are very necessary but if you are going for time forget it. 

Yesterday I discovered something else. I have been wearing tracks for this type of weather condition for several years now . Yesterday I actually found myself with aches and pains I rarely associate with walking. I soon realized the source of the problem. It has to do with the style of sneakers I now walk in, the type of walking and yes those tracks.

Why ? I will now (no opinions with this girl ‚Ķheh,  enough with the smiles and snickers) provide my non professional opinion. It is as follows.

I use minimalistic sneakers which have greatly assisted me in straightening my knees when I walk. The tracks   prevented me from fully straightening my knee and this in turn threw off my hips and we walkers know what that means.  By the time I had finished yesterday my hips were aching, my thighs felt like lead and  I very happy  to take the tracks off. Having said all of that, and as Rorie would say, “whine whine whine” given the weather conditions, I could and definitely will use them again. 

So here is the summary: 
T –  terrible for walking at a quick pace 
R – required for not slipping or falling on ice
A – always required in icy condition such as Saturday past 
C – comfort (physical) can be diminished but prevention in being 
K- karted (play on words …well I thought it was kind of cute) away by ambulance pretty well guaranteed
S -so dig in the wallet or the closet and get the soles and sides of your sneakers covered with those tracks 

On a more social community note remember to e-mail Sue about your attendance at our brunch at Carol’s on the 28th. Time to register for the upcoming year and share stories. Time to bring the gently-used or unused sports attire you do not want to use and swap the item or give it to charity; tracks (gently used ) are always welcomed. 

Remember to just keep walking the distance BUT for those of us out on those icy roads I suggest keeping  it – one track at a time

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