TPW’s have lots to be thankful for…

…the marathon season is over!

It was a Thanksgiving weekend of marathons for the 3 of the TPW with Phyllis in Baltimore, Ela and Susan in Chicago.

Baltimore, according to Phyllis was a great place for a marathon, or a half marathon. Great food, picturesque inner harbour with good shopping. Oh yes, the race was fun too. Definitely a possible destination for a TPW Fall excursion. Fewer than 4000 in the marathon and approx. 7500 in the half.

Chicago, needs no explanation other than the weather…it was freezing at the start line, and Susan and Ela shed clothing as they walked. What a difference from the scorching two previous years. I’m sure they had lots of water for participants this year! Congratulations to Ela for completing her first marathon, and in good style!

Congratulations to Susan and Phyllis too, veteran racers. Where to for 2010?

Some of us were thankful to be tapering off for the year and headed back to our beloved Mt Pleasant cemetery, our quiet winter walking location. Sue, Sherry, Carol, Deb, Rosemary, David and Diane walked the perimeter and soaked in the fall beauty. It was a perfect morning, cool and clear with the leaves flaunting their colours. There can’t be a more beautiful place on earth on such a fall day! A smaller group breakfasted at Chai on Bayview – a pleasant little spot for groups of up to about six.

We will be using the cemetery as our default Saturday location from here on in and we hope to see more of the gang (and any newbies who want to try us out) there next week. And don’t forget we are still at the pub on Tuesdays and the community centre on Thursdays. See the sidebar for details.

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