TPW was out there this weekend!

TPW was well represented training and racing this weekend
Some of us were at High Park for the breakfast!  We started at 7:30 walking east, 8:30 group walked west.
We were joined at breakfast by Phyllis and Shirley. Shirley and I walked for 4km after breakfast and we did Spring Rd hill for FUN.  Our conversation distracted us as we walked the hill. 
Others raced, doing the Ottawa Half and Women’s Half Marathon in Toronto!
Congrats to all who raced this weekend!  It takes determination and work to get to the start line. YOU are an inspiration to us all.
Whether we are training, recovering from an injury, busy with life or out there training and racing – we are a part of a wonderful group who support each other in all kinds of situations including those that have nothing to walking. 
As I think of the 4 months ahead of me as I train for Montreal Marathon, I know I will need support  to get through the times of self doubt, frustration as I train. There are also moments of sheer happiness for walk done well, for the early morning laughs and conversation.  I look forward to it all. 
If you haven’t signed up for a race, consider it ….its good to have goals
Enjoy walking your distance this week

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