TPW Travel Planning Inc.

Who knew that when we formed Toronto Power Walkers, we were also forming an advisory group for travellers?
Of course, there have been and will be many trips to walk in races – Washington D.C., Chicago, Big Sur in California (for which several people are doing hill training now), Pittsburgh, Orlando, as well as many cities closer to home like Montreal, Ottawa and Niagara Falls. 

But as well, while walking on a Saturday morning last spring, I mentioned I was planning a trip to Paris and hiking in Brittany.   Mary was able to recommend a great, well-priced, centrally-located hotel.   It also turned out that Sherry had recently returned from France and gave me great tips for seeing the city and loaned me her guidebook.

Then, this fall, I mentioned I was heading to Spain to walk the last 100 kilometres of the famed Camino de Santiago late this coming summer.  Lynn and Susan told me they had made that trip.  They were able to offer me a good deal of information to make my plans more interesting.

This past Saturday we had our usual walk in a bitingly cold wind that was soon tamed by the trees and contours of the cemetery.  After breakfast, I was taken along to the Outdoor Adventure Show by four members of the TPW.  Carol, Lee, Lynn and Susan will be rafting the Nahanni River in the Northwest Territories this summer.  They met one of the guides from the company that will be taking them down the river and plied him with the practical questions of a group of experienced travellers.  They then toured the show examining equipment and making decisions about what they would take.  My excitement as I heard about their trip caused me to add it to my `bucket list.“

The benefits of belonging to the TPW seem to be never-ending!

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