TPW takes to the streets in Sporting Life 10k

Sporting Life 10K is a tradition for TPW’s.  We do the race and are cheered. We spectate and cheer.
This year was unique in that I was able to experience both.
Leaving my home at 8:10 I saw the elite runners on Front Street as they approached the 9K mark and I cheered them on.
Taking the subway to Eglinton station, I saw the midpack runners on Yonge  at the Mt Pleasant cemetery. I cheered silently as I was on the subway and they couldn’t hear me.
As a member of the last corral I saw the first of our wave start the race, I followed 3 minutes later.
The route as always is a lot of fun.   After finishing the race, I head home north on Fort York Blvd to see many back of the pack participants approaching the finish line. Yet another opportunity to cheer!
I have to say I enjoyed walk north past them, wearing a finishers medal. Its not an opportunity afforded walkers too often.
Have  a wonderful week walking your distance

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