TPW Strong

We’re back at Mt Pleasant Cemetery!  In bright colours and great numbers.

Saturday was a terrific day for walking, and there were 21 of us out there walking, talking and catching up. While we waited for the ‘5 minute grace time’ for latecomers and because it was a bit chilly, most of us enthusiastically followed Diane’s instructions as we tried to warm up our muscles. Thanks Diane.

Sue also told me that we will be 30 at our annual year-end ‘black and medals’ dinner on Nov.21st. Woo hoo! It’s not too late to sign up. You don’t need to wear black or medals, but feel free to dress up  and/or wear your medals so we can be inspired by you. My philosophy this year has been that multiple 10ks, and a half or two were perfect for me!  I will get back to marathons, but not right now.

Come join us on Sat mornings, or check the sidebar for Tuesday and Thursday walking info. Just keep ‘walking the distance’.

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