TPW and Autumn

On Saturday at Mount Pleasant it was wonderful to see such an excellent turnout! To those members who were not there – we really missed you and hope to see you soon! To those who have recently returned to the group after being away – welcome back!

Autumn is such a lovely season. The hazy sky of summer has disappeared; replaced by a bright blue so crisp it almost hurts the eyes. The trees are starkly beautiful without leaves, their branches twisting outward and upward. Autumn gives us a chance to catch our breath. Summer’s accomplishments are in the past, and Winter’s goals are ahead, but Autumn does not demand anything from us. From the perspective of training, Autumn gives us the chance to be quiet for awhile.

Soon we in TPW will be splitting off into different venues. Those in the Chilly Half, Big Sur or who have travel/hiking plans, will begin specific training, and others of us will continue at Mount Pleasant, doing one or two loops each week. But just for now, during this lovely, in-between, shoulder season of Autumn, we are all meeting together, – which is kind of nice.

P.S. don’t forget our TPW dinner on Nov 21st!

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