Toronto Power Walkers took over Mt Pleasant Cemetery

Fortunately the rain held off on Saturday morning (unlike the very wet previous Saturday) but it was damp and windy, so we felt the chill when we first arrived.  The Maui group gathered at 8 am and just as we were forlornly thinking we were on our own, Phyllis, in her bright red jacket came steaming around the corner and cheered us up considerably.  Her goal was 27 km and ours was 16km so we started off together with Susan and Martha out in front setting a blistering pace (which didn’t last, thank goodness). 

It soon became clear we were not alone.  As we were walking, we saw the 8:30am group as well as others criss-crossing the cemetery.  I think there were actually a lot of us out there walking that morning, perhaps hoping to work off some of the holiday treats we’ve been eating?   So we waved to each other and marched on, even doing a couple of rounds of hill training near the end that Phyllis had very cleverly worked out as part of her Lee Scott inspired hill training (for fun!)  

We were definitely warmed up by the time we finished our 16k and very ready for breakfast. Phyllis had to keep going unfortunately. And, what did we find when we got to the restaurant?  Nicole was waiting for us, with home made truffles and cookies she so generously shared.  They sure were wonderful with coffee and food! 

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