Together We Walk the Distance

Bev, Jackie, Rorie, Sandy and I met in front of the Grenadier restaurant in High Park. During the same morning Barb C. , Ela, Diane, Laurel, Lee, Mary,Phyllis and Sue gathered at the ferry. All of us had a distance we intended to walk.

While we zipped along the Lakeshore, they were pounding the pavement, completing the Island Girl Half Marathon or 5K. All of us completed our intended distances sometimes leaving some runners ‘in the dust’.

The weather was a bit on the cool side but it was welcomed, given the distance. It did not take long for some of us to start ‘delayering’. I suspect that Lorna, Carron and Kathryn G. (who were volunteering at the Island Girl Half) felt the coolness in a different way than those of us who were moving.

Approximately 200 women and two men (one of which was Phyllis’s husband) participated in the Island Girl Half. With two events on the Lakeshore going on at the same time we had to, in order to keep our pace up, make adjustments.

Though I was the last, to return to High Park, I did not have to eat breakfast alone. Fiona (we had met her and Klara earlier in our walk) walked back to High Park with me . Our conversation lasted long after the breakfast was over. Most of the group from the Island Girl Half gathered at Cocoberry for a late lunch.

As usually the separation by geography did not have a negative impact on our group. Today was a shining example of this. The geography had our group physically separated but we were together in the act of walking.

Congratulations to all who walked their intended distance, thank you to those who supported us and as usual together or apart, we Walk the Distance.

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