Tis the Busy Season

Saturday in Mount Pleasant we were a small but hardy group, bundled up against the cold in coats, scarves, and assorted hats. Some of us went round once, while those training for Big Sur actually did the circuit three times. Or at least they said that’s what they were doing. How do we know they weren’t hiding in secret, ready to dash for their cars the minute the rest of us left?  H-m-m-m-.
Breakfast at Passione was as always a great reward for a job well done. Has anyone else noticed that the service seems improved since we’ve returned there from our summer hiatus? The coffee was delivered to the table quickly, followed efficiently by a request for our orders and then our actual food. Nice.
We don’t usually offer platitudes or self-help in this blog, because this is not the venue for such things. However during this busy festive season when emotions tend to run high, I cannot resist sharing the wisdom of John Wayne, who said:
Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much.?
 He’s an unlikely philosopher, I know, but reciting this under your breath is like counting to three, only better. It is simple yet profound, has a very calming effect, and has many a time stopped me from saying something I might later have regretted. Happy Holidays, everyone.


P.S. (from Phyllis). There were five of us out on Sunday morning, Two came for 2 circuits and 3 ‘walked the distance’ (19k actually).  Brisk but sunny. We talked about cellphone technology, education and almost everything under the sun -and the miles flew by. 

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