Through Someone Else’s Eyes

I had the pleasure of introducing a friend to TPW on Saturday morning.  She had been a member of Jean’s Marines as a runner during its last years and was interested to learn that the walking branch had morphed into the Toronto Power Walkers for the past ten years.  Introducing someone to the group is a deep pleasure.  Although I never forget how blessed I am to have this group in my life, seeing it through someone else’s eyes brings the gratitude into greater focus.  I realize anew how much each member adds to my life.  As I walk, I have people who never tire of the stories about my grandchildren (or are too polite to say so), people who entertain me with their travel stories, or their entertaining encounters with others.  I also have people who privilege me by sharing their trials and their ambitions. 
As I write this, I’m listening to my curated Christmas collection.  So many of my favourite carols and holiday songs reflect this sense of gratitude, none better than dear, deeply missed, Freddie Mercury singing:
Oh my love 
We live in troubled days
Oh my friends
We have the strangest ways
All my friends 
On this one day of days
Thank God It’s Christmas.
A reminder to all: February 9, after our walk, we’ll convene at Diane’s for our breakfast and ‘quarterly’ meeting.  Details coming.

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