Thoughts on the Nature of Time

We took this photo before Linda got there!

My Canadian Oxford Dictionary (one of my most prized possessions) defines time as the indefinite and continuous duration of existence seen as a series of events progressing from the past through the present into the future.  That definition alone could be the basis for a heavy essay but my thoughts are a bit more light-weight.

When I was working full-time, time was the enemy to be battled and beaten into submission.  There was never enough of it and it had this way of disappearing.  I thought that when I retired I would finally win that battle, that there would be so much time that I might have trouble filling it all.  Hah!

This morning I left the house at 7:45 to join the TPW for our first official walk at Mount Pleasant Cemetery for the winter season.  Confident that I’d be early, I took the paper with me.  But when I got there, I discovered that I had the start time wrong.  The empty parked cars told me that everyone else (except Clara and Fiona) had started the walk at 8.  (The official change to 8:30 will occur on November 2.)  So, I left my new parking notice on the windshield and headed out “backwards? to catch the walkers. 

I walked with a number of folks in the first circuit and heard about Mary’s adventures in a chateau in France, Nicole’s possible role as the face of  (well, ask her), the tree at Danielle’s relatives’ grave, and lots of other interesting bits.  The time passed quickly and enjoyably. 

But I had other constraints on my time this morning.  After ascertaining when a delivery would turn up I had to cut my walk to a circuit and a half.  (Most of the dozen or so people did 2 circuits or about 12 ½ km.)  And, most disappointingly, I had to miss breakfast. 

Next week, I’ll wrestle with that old tyrant again and be sure that I arrive on time to start with the group, that I have plenty of time to walk the distance, and will take the time to enjoy breakfast with my friends.   

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