Thoughts from a walker “missing in inaction”

The title of this blog is a play on words but you understand as I have walked very little with the group this year. 
I haven’t trained at all this year. Next year will be different.
While I haven’t stepped outside in my training gear. My mind is transitioning to activity. Not only activity but training for 2016.  Last weekend I wrote a post-it note ” 293 days until Montreal Marathon” it is posted on the window at my desk at home. 
Knowing I can train with Phyllis in the spring makes it feel possible.  I see my short term goal being something most of you do every week. Being dressed ready to walk at Mt Pleasant Saturday mornings for the winter season. It is my goal for this week. 
I also spent time reading Katherine Switzer’s  book, 26.2 Marathon Stories.
I read the piece on the starting line experience, thought I’d best start at the beginning. One line stood out for me. “Once experienced, it will never be forgotten”.
She was referring to a marathon start line, but I believe it to be true for other distances and especially your first. Mental preparation helps you along your walking race journey, what would you like to accomplish in 2016?
January brings the Robbie Burns 8k. I was excited to hear from Rorie that she has a carful for the race. I have done the race many times and can say it’s a favorite! It’s a long way to go for 8k but the organizers ensure it a fun event.  
Be safe this week and consider Phyllis’ comments about this being a very busy time for all of us. Make time to walk during your day. I’m going to! 
See you on Saturday

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