This is not a cheerful post


I so much want to write something cheerful!  I just had my grandkids here for the weekend and we had a wonderful time (mostly.) My friends have been in touch and I have had lovely , warm conversations.  I even met a friend (masked and distanced) for a walk and talk.  Yet I can’t seem to pull my bootstraps sufficiently taut to get my mood elevated.

I feel let down.  I really don’t hold anybody responsible.  The news is full of who is to blame and I know not all decisions made have been wise.  But we are in unprecedented times.  There is no roadmap.  What I do intensely dislike is the search for someone to blame.  Politicians, in their desperation not to be held accountable, throw blame around at others endlessly.  It wears me out.

If I feel like this, I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to work on the front lines, giving all you have to defeat the real enemy, the virus, while these same politicians ignore your advice while they thank you for your sacrifice.

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