The weather is one factor we cannot do anything about!

I chose to stay in bed Saturday morning and walk later on my own. Mistake.  I got wet and if I walked with the group I would have had company and the distraction of our conversations.
My Garmin recorded an 8km stroll along Front St to St Lawrence Market, through the market and home.
I thought if it’s a cold and rainy day then I would want comfort food for dinner. There is a vendor with the most wonderful tomato soup and it was worth the stroll in the rain to buy some. 
Sitting here on Sunday morning looking out at the ice/snow covered streets I know that I am staying put and will read and do things I’ve been putting off for a while.
I think about the runners who are doing the Boston Marathon tomorrow and think how hard they work to get there, some for many years to qualify. If you want to learn more about the Boston experience ask Michael. He ran it!
The weather forecast is rain with cool winds up to 50km an hour. YIKES!  The one thing we all know about doing races is the weather is one factor we cannot do anything about. Some of us record our training walks and know precisely what we wore for specific weather. I do not do that though sometimes I wish I did.
I think about the hundreds of volunteers at Boston and how the poor weather will impact their day. For most volunteers they are out there much longer than most participants. 
On another note, Jean (of Jeans Marines) is registered for the race.  She officially retired from racing a few years ago but I guess it’s hard to give up. She was 4th in her age category last year but this year she is in a  new age category(75-79).  Jean continues to inspire!
As do all of you who are out there every week walking the distance !

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