The Waterfront 10K Weekend

This was to have been the weekend of the Waterfront 10k.  I’m really aware of how much slower I am than I would want to be doing that race.  My walk this Saturday morning was to and from my daughter’s house for a total of about 9 k.  It took me an hour to get there; you do the math!  Mitigating circumstances:

  • I was wearing a mask and on the lookout for people
  • It is uphill the whole way
  • I kept having to step off the sidewalk to give people 2 metres.

Still, it’s clear that I will have some serious work to do to get back into any kind of race time.  And when will that be?

Some good signs on the horizon.

  • 10 Covid vacines are being tested on humans right now
  • The Canadian government has a tracking app ready for deployment
  • Rates are down. Distancing is working.

Still, I’m not confident there will be a Waterfront race next year.  Maybe when I’m 74!

3 Replies to “The Waterfront 10K Weekend”

  1. Congrats on walking 9km with hills!
    It will be lovely to do the Waterfront 10km in the future.
    I’m confident you will be doing it too. Most of us will need to do serious work, intervals, farklets and hills .
    I’m NOT a fan of hills but recently said to my husband that I plan on walking up one of the trails yo the top of Blue Mountain .
    I’ve watched many people walk up the hill as I sit with my coffee

    Keep walking your distance and pace❤️

  2. A happy birthday to you Linda.

    Lovely article.

    My husband who walks three times a day for about an hour at a time is much faster than myself. I comfort myself with the knowledge that this is only for now. (smirk with a laugh. )

  3. Happy Birthday Linda! My husband and I have been walking together since the lockdown. I am still faster than him, but I miss the gal competition 😄

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