The walking wounded and happy endings

Sue and I both were feeling less than perfect this past weekend – I was recovering from a minor medical procedure and Sue had twisted her back. However we both vowed to do a little leisurely walk on Saturday and to participate in the Sporting Life 10K on Sunday. Said we: “We will just amble along and do it but we won’t go fast.? That was the plan.

On Saturday at 8:00 we met up with a good-sized group at High Park. Some keeners had started earlier and our group had various goals for the day. Rorie was trying to find someone to go 20K with her (Sue and I declined but Carol was up to the challenge), others were aiming for between 12 and 16K (Sue and I declined) and Susan E wanted to do about 6K (Sue and I voted to keep her company). We did as we had planned, setting an easy pace and enjoying the scenery (has there ever been a spring like this one?). Over breakfast we reaffirmed that we would keep our moderate pace for the 10K the next day. So far, so good.

Sunday’s forecast threatened rain and thunderstorms. However all was dry when some of us (Sherry, Linda, Ela, Susan E, Lee, Susan S, Lynn, Sue and Diane) met at 7:30 at Trulls Funeral Home. Others were in the race (Deb, Lorna, David and Helen who had volunteered to monitor the participants at the tail end of the race) but we didn’t all meet up until breakfast.

On with my story of the walking wounded – somehow or other Sue and I wound up walking with Sherry and Susan S and doing the first 5K at a blistering fast 8 min/K before we came to our senses. And even then we both finished in a very respectable 1.23.25 plus a bit. So much for ambling. Shows you that you never know what you are capable of until you get out and try.

Huge congratulations to Sherry who finished first in her age group (and single handedly held the rain off until the end of the race) and Susan S and Lynn who both finished second in their age groups, and to Susan E on her first race. Thank you to Carol, Laurel, Jeff, Neil, Rob and Jim for cheering us on and to Sue for organizing the brunch.

A final story – Sue’s driver’s license, debit and credit card dropped out of her belt pack somewhere between the restaurant and Mountain Co-op. We retraced our steps but, not unexpectedly, found nothing. However, when Sue got home she found that a good Samaritan had phoned to say he had found her cards. Don’t you love a happy ending?

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