The WALKERS Cheer..

It has been an unbelievably mild winter overall and I have no right to whinge … but I am going to anyway!  I am, after all, Canadian.
I am really fed up with being bundled up in layers and can barely remember the freedom of walking in short sleeves and shorts with the warm sun on my skin. So, to encourage the spring to arrive ASAP, I am proposing the Walkers Cheer.
All together now, gimme…
a W for warmth all round us
an A for arms swinging free
an L for legs bare to the sun
a K for kicking up our heels
an E for the euphoria of spring
an R for the renewal of greenery, good spirits and longer distances
and an S for sun, spring, and the Sporting Life 10K

This last (May 8), has served over the years as our kickoff for training season – hope to see you all there.

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