The Tuesday Night Keeners

There are some members of the TPW who haven’t been out with this group and I thought you might like to know what happens.
If you’ve signed up for this group, sometime on Monday an email arrives from Mary or Barb asking who will be walking Tuesday night.  There usually is some email discussion about the projected weather and, at this time of year, a small group forms to meet “at the mailbox.?  This location, like Hogworts train platform, is visible to all who know where to look. 

Our oracle, Phyllis, sends word via the blogsite, decreeing how far we shall walk and in what increments.  Sue, always the rebel, usually suggests we just “get it done.?  The idea is to improve speed by walking fast, in bursts, and then walking a shorter, slower pace between bursts of speed. But you’ll find people at all paces in the group.  The roadway around Cluny Drive, Pricefield Road, Thornwood Road and Chestnut Park has been conveniently laid out in 800, 400, and 200 metre stretches.

After “getting it done,? we adjourn to a local pub for supper, well-earned, where folks share their adventures.  This week we heard all about the Luberon race and the subsequent trip to Paris, which sounded pretty wonderful!

If you haven’t been, give it a try.

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