The top 10 things I love about being a Toronto Power Walker (in no particular order)…

1. My fellow walkers
I am constantly amazed, moved, delighted and inspired by the wonderful women (and a few good men) that I walk with. There is always someone to share with, regardless of my mood. And there is always someone who motivates us to do that little bit more, whether we want to or not.
2. Getting outside – in all weather
Yes, sometimes it is cold, sometimes hot or rainy – but it is so often breathtakingly beautiful, even in bad weather.
3. Breakfasts
Is there anything better than food and good company after a long walk? Who knew that bacon and eggs could taste so good?
4. The sights
Rowers on the lake, dogs of all sizes, fine looking runners (yum!), beautiful houses, birds, blooms, babies…it is better than television.
5. The sounds
The crunch of snow underfoot, the rise and fall of our chat, laughter, bird song, bike bells, the swish of our gear …
6. The races
Saturday was Harry Run (5K and 8K). This year saw exceptionally fine weather and a group of us (Helen, Sue, Suzanne, Diane, and Fiona) volunteered to help at the start line. We got to see the race from an entirely new perspective and to cheer on our own Ela, Lorna, Deborah, Rosemary, Lee, Linda, Susan E., Wendy and David. Congratulations all for getting up that hill!! Next up is the Sporting Life 10K on May 2.
7. Sharing
We are a great example of ‘many hands make light work’ (although there are several of us – you know who you are – who are stars). We have managed to keep this little informal organization going strong through the collaborative effort of the whole group.
8. Our differences
We come from all sorts of backgrounds but find common ground through walking and talking, sharing miles and life stories. I have met people I would not otherwise know and I am the richer for it.
9. Dinners
Okay, I am a shallow person who is strongly motivated by food. Those Tuesday night dinners make intervals worthwhile.
10. Being an endurance athlete
The first time we were called that at JeansMarines I confess I felt a little like an impostor but I have grown to ‘own’ the title. We cover a lot of ground. We walk the distance and not everyone can say that. So wear the title proudly – we Toronto Power Walkers are endurance athletes!

Just a reminder to all that we are meeting at the pub at 6:30 on Tuesdays and then doing intervals.

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