The times, they are a changin’

No, it’s not yet time to be annoyed with the flippin’ semi-annual loss/gain of an hour.  The changes to which I’m referring are the semi-annual change of the TPW meet-up venue.  We’re back at Mount Pleasant Cemetery.  This time of year (well, really any time) it’s a paradise.  The leaves are changing, the air is soft, and the finish line is never more than 6K away,  even if you walk twice or three times that distance, since we more or less walk in a circle.

In our groups we walked and we talked.  My group covered brain development and sight, Quebec’s Bill 62, and what to do about bra laundry in a nursing home. 

And then, more change! WE CHANGED RESTAURANTS for breakfast!  Could have been traumatic but it turned out to be more than pleasant.  They have bagels, as well as the usual eggs etc. It’s called Zelden’s, and it is across the street from the Jester (same owner).

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