The Sneak

Whether walking  inside  or past the Floating Ropes, the Aurora Borealis, the Belly of a Bear or the Steam Canoe   (just to mention a few of the exhibits)  of the Winter Stations located near the Beaches or winding up the back and main streets of Toronto one thing is for sure; the Sneak is present. 
I am declaring  – as if you did not already know – that the  Sneak is present in  Toronto. 
The presence of the Sneak has been around for a few weeks now. For whatever reason I was alerted to it yesterday. 
 It is felt especially in the northern climate. It is not – unlike the beautiful Winter Stations- local to Toronto. 
The Sneak is present when – one morning – you leave your home and notice that you are no longer fumbling in the dark. The Sneak is present when suddenly you realize you no longer need the light of the  street lamp . 
Every year I tell myself that I will not be taken by surprise by the Sneak. Every year I am taken by surprise.
You would think that at the age of sixty two I would simply accept it. Accept that each year the early day light will sneak up and announce itself with the  suddenness which amazes me . Some how that acceptance  has not happened and there is a part of me that is quite satisfied…quite satisfied. 

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