The Puzzle of the ‘Just Because’ Gift

TPW and Shorethings on the Toronto Island ferry

There are gifts that come into one’s life without attachment to specific ceremonies, celebrations or merit. They are called ‘Just Because’ gifts.

Just Because gifts are random.  For example someone walks by and voila there is a ten dollar bill resting on the bench.  A person picks it up and a few steps away there just happens to be an ice-cream truck which is having a two for one sale. After the mother of two children (who just happens to be standing by the ice cream truck) permits the person in possession of the 10 dollar bill to buy ice creams for her and her family the sun starts to shine . You get the idea. No merit, no ceremonies, no celebrations involved. It was Just Because.  

This morning I decided to meet the 8 am and not the 7am group of walkers at the Toronto Island ferry dock. Arriving at the dock I found out that the ferry fee had already been paid for. “This is nice.? I thought to myself.  Walking onto the Ward Island ferry people were smiling, laughing and talking about the free ferry ride. The question of who paid remained, at that time, unanswered.
 Exiting the ferry I met up with other Toronto Power Walkers and they also received the Just Because gift. The puzzle again remained unsolved.

Walking out of the ferry we noticed the race bicycles speeding by (there was a mini triathlon going on) and decided to walk on the Ward Island board walk.

Walking down the board walk we met up with the 7 am group, got reacquainted with The Shorethings walkers and winding down our walk we again encountered another Just Because gift. Inside a tent people were giving away all sorts of free items. Outside the tent, a person was giving away potato chips (given the heat, the salt on the chips was welcomed). We (Shorethings and Toronto Power Walkers) ended up concluding our walks with everything from fold -up chairs , sun screen bottles, water bottles, beach mats, sun glasses and so on.

It was during this period of time that the puzzled was solved. According to one of the people in the tent , Target was picking up the cost for everything. It was a marketing event that started with the free ferry ride, and led us to the beach party with free food and giveaways.

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