The Power of TPW

White is the new Black!
I have been training on my own for the last month or so. I joined the group Tuesday to do hills, I did 6, the others did the required 10.  Rorie loves hills, so she did one more. I am not sure it is love but she definitely embraces the hills workout. I know with certainty I would have not done hills without the group. It was remarkable to see TPW’ers going up and down the hills with determination.  Dinner and conversation followed.

Saturday morning was much the same. My long training walks have been done alone at the cottage. It was wonderful to see a large group in High Park at 7am.  I noticed a lot of white clothing, most notably a white running dress. Yes we were there to train for our races, looking good doing it is important too!  We did our warm up stretches before we headed through the park , Nicole would be proud. We completed 13.5K and then enjoyed breakfast. Breakfast conversation included the Paris marathon, the Disney races in January and the upcoming Midsummer Night’s 15k walk in August.

It was wonderful to walk with the group on Saturday, it was a reminder of the benefits and power of our group. Now all I have to get myself out more often.16 weeks until New York marathon and I know that while I will be doing that alone, I have many women to train with.

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