The Power of our Group

I walked my distance at the cottage alone this weekend. I was not alone, TPW was in my thoughts.
I started my walk thinking I was just a little behind the 8 o’clock group and about 80 minutes behind the 7am group. 
I knew that Rorie was focused on the 9 min/km pace, so I made that my goal. I thought of the conversations the group may be having, family, work, vacations and weekend plans.
My plans for the weekend were simple, spend time with my dad and his wife.  My route was along shoreline, close the water. Much like the route TPW walkers would walk be walking except my walk was not in the city. 
But the km’s are the same, one foot in front of the other.  To make my walk more interesting given I had no one to talk to, I focused on technique.  A few km I worked on my arms and then my foot strike. My pace improved with focusing on technique. I was 13 sec. per min under pace.  Not much but any seconds under is a win. I think I was still walking when most of our group was sitting down for breakfast. Well done I say!!!  
I did my last 5K with the very enticing fragrance of bacon cooking as I passed cottages on my way back. There is something about the smell of bacon, the outdoors and being footsteps away from a body of water.  Envigorating.
I love walking along the lakeshore in Toronto and I also love walking at the cottage.  I have to say Toronto training walks are my favorite, the women of TPW make the difference. I love listening to the conversations, the successes and struggles and the laughter.
TPW has the power to keep me moving forward and for that I am grateful.

Walk your distance this week knowing you are a part of a very special group

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