The pleasure in being idiotic…

It was raining Sat. morning but, I needed to walk, and  hoped it would dry up by the time I got to the Grenadier.  No such luck, but there were fellow TPW optimists (Linda and Carol) to greet me on arrival. We agreed to go once down the hill, through the zoo and back for breakfast – and that was exactly what we did. The rain had stopped by the time we got back but, having set a plan, we followed the plan. We talked briefly about how much distance walking is about ‘mind over matter’ and then enjoyed our breakfast and our conversation.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. I give thanks for the ability to walk with the group and enjoy the good company of you all!

A reminder that we have scheduled our fall meeting at our wonderful sponsor,  Harbord  House, for Tuesday,  Dec. 4.  It is TPW’s 10th year – an occasion to celebrate!

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