The many faces of Toronto winters

There were many chances to get out and walk this past week.

If you were fed up of being inside on Boxing Day or so booked up that you had no other choice, you could have walked in the pouring rain on Saturday. That’s where Susan and Helen were.

If you were feeling the need to reinforce your fitness resolution, you could have walked in the dry yet cloudy weather on Sunday, twice around a circuit through the Ex. We had many walkers and more importantly their spouses and grown children come out for the 5k Resolution Run. Many found their way over to our favorite breakfast spot in High Park. Maybe we’ll get a few more walkers/runners to join us.

A few hardy souls (that’s being nice) walked 10k on Monday morning at the Cemetery in the glorious sun, and freezing temps. A good way to start the week.

It’s amazing how fast the weather changes…rain to freezing temperatures in 2 days. It won’t be long before we get inches of snow!

This Saturday we will be back at High Park, as our new winter custom is on the first Sat. of the month. We meet at the Grenadier Restaurant at 8:30am. Our route will depend on the weather, the road/trail conditions and the walkers. It would be nice to get one more walk out to the gazebo before the Lakeshore path becomes impassable.

Happy New Year!

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