The Leaves are Falling

Last Saturday in High Park we enjoyed the colors and fresh air of the Fall season. We did our usual loop through the wooded area, through the zoo, and then down the hill to the lakeshore. As we approached the wooded area before descending down onto the path, Laurel noticed an intriguing phenomenon which she pointed out to the rest of us – the trees were “raining?. There was so much water in the upper leaves of the trees that when a slight breeze stirred up the leaves they actually created a mini-rainfall cascading down in a gentle stream. There was a slight fog drifting upward, making everything seem almost surreal.
As always conversation with various TPW members covered various topics from health and fitness, to plans for the Thanksgiving weekend, to upcoming marathons. We walked various distances and met as usual for breakfast where the topic focused on favorite television shows and the benefits vs. the disadvantages of downloading vs. recording shows! We all left in a festive mood, happy for the long weekend ahead of us.
We will be staying at High Park for a few more weeks until the last marathon is over; then we will be returning to Mount Pleasant on November 3rd.

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