The joy of walking

For me, Saturday was perfection! The heat wave had broken and six of us (Phyllis, Diane, Mary, Sherry, Jackie and Linda) had the pleasure of wonderful walking weather. Phyllis and Mary did 24K, meeting up late in their walk with Fiona, who was doing 13K. The rest of us did 16.

There are times when I think we are collectively insane for getting up at an ungodly hour to cover long distances — but not this time. I remembered all the things I love about walking – the combination of cool shade under the park trees and the full sun (in moderation) along the waterfront; the passing parade of dogs, inline skaters, geese, rowers, swans and the mostly polite bicyclists; the ever changing conversations about everything under the sun and the moon; the feel of my body moving smoothly and efficiently; the sense of accomplishment as I hit the hill and realize I have relatively effortlessly walked a distance many don’t even contemplate; and of course, the simple joy at the end of eating when I am truly hungry. A grilled cheese sandwich never tasted better.

This does not mean that I won’t whine and complain at some point but deep down I know I love it and hope I can keep it up forever. We are wonder women, we Toronto Power Walkers. Hip, hip hooray for walking!

Remember that we are doing hills this Tuesday (I can feel a whine coming on already) – see the sidebar for details. Let’s all cross our fingers for decent weather.

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