The joy of booting it…

I confess I have been walking at a fairly leisurely pace since we came back to the cemetery. I haven’t been  ambling, but I definitely have not been pushing myself. After all, it is winter and I need a break – that’s my inner whiner speaking.
But Saturday was different – I started out with Laurel and Jackie and we got talking, as we all tend to do (one of the nicest things about being part of TPW). I didn’t actually notice how briskly we were walking until about half way around. Then I began to notice that I was actually working at keeping up. I dug in and thought, okay, enough of the whining – let’s do some honest work.
We didn’t beat any records but we did finish in under an hour and it felt good to prove I could still boot it when I set my mind to it.
Which brings me to my point – so much of exercise is mental. Bend your will to just getting out there. Sometimes you will be feeling on top of the world, sometimes you will be dragging your butt – but, if you come out, you will feel better than if you didn’t! That is the one thing I can guarantee.
And you get to reward yourself with a delicious breakfast afterward.
Some of our group started race walking training on Saturday.  Phyllis and Rorie had a great time with Stafford and Lily and the friendly group of race walkers.  She said that they warmed up by walking twice around the upper roads of High Park and had a private session with Stafford learning the basics of race walking.  The techniques seem simple, the hardest part is remembering to do it all – at the same time.  Practice, practice.  Mary W. has also joined the group, but is busy enjoying other winter activities such as snowshoeing. Other winter cross training activities going on appear to be skating (Lee, Suzanne) and skiing (Carol).
Next Saturday you can join us at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery or join the race walkers at High Park – and, if you are feeling keen, some of us will be out on Tuesday (see sidebar for where/when).

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