The island in the sun

Have you ever had a day when all the stars align and the gods smile on everything you do? Well that was Saturday for me.

The weather was perfection. Fourteen TPWalkers met at the ferry docks to catch the 8:00 boat to Centre Island with a view to ‘testing’ the route for the September Island Girl Half. Roughly half of us were doing 16K and the other half 22-24K. We walked, we talked, we soaked in the beauty and quiet of the route, and marvelled at the sights along the way. Wasn’t it grand not to be dodging maniac bicyclists and what was that guy doing dressed in a wedding gown anyway?

As usual we covered topics from the profound to the silly and back again. Phyllis had made a reservation at the Rectory, a lovely restaurant not far from the Ward’s Island ferry dock. We were seated on the patio, an unbelievably lovely spot bordered and shaded by tall trees. My scrambled eggs, drizzled with porcini mushroom reduction, were delicious (and Sherri’s Belgian waffles were the envy of the table).

We all commented on the beauty and calm of the moment. There we sat, pleasantly weary from our exertions, full of excellent food, in the company of friends – it doesn’t get much better. You could hear the trees whispering and I think I heard them saying we were a lucky bunch! We will be back.

And, to top off my wonderful morning, that evening my husband took me on a date to the Old Mill where we sipped wine and listened to Joe Sealy playing mellow jazz on the piano. Truly a day to tuck away to remember on those days when nothing goes right.

Tuesday we are still doing hills and next Saturday we are back at High Park (except for the marathoners who are walking 35k from Mel Lastman Square in preparation for fall marathons).

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