The in-between weeks

What do you do after a half marathon for which you’ve been training for weeks, and before you start training for the next race?

You party….(which we did on Tuesday June 2nd at Harbord House), you recover by resting more, and you walk shorter distances, which many did on Saturday. If you are like Ela, Mary, Helen, Shirley, Lorna and Phyllis who are racing this weekend in the Twenty Valley Niagara Half Marathon – you keep on training!

The celebration at Harbord House was great! Good food, fascinating info from Heather the orthotist and the reps from New Balance. We might consider a microphone next time to counteract the noisy diners downstairs. Good turnout too. Next gathering is likely a Tuesday or Thursday night in Carol’s garden in the Avenue/Eglinton area in late summer. We’ll keep you posted!

New training schedules will be out soon. We’ll have a marathon schedule for Toronto, and Chicago/Baltimore, and a half marathon schedule Scotiabank Half and The Island Half. All the schedules are easily adjustable if you are training for a different event/date. Consult with Helen if you need help. We’ve had at least 20 people indicate that they are signed up or interested in the fun 15K Midsummer Night’s “Run?. Sometimes, you have to just go out and have fun! Anyone want to help design a TPW costume?

Come out on Thursday June 11th for an 8k stroll in North Toronto. Check the sidebar for info on location. If you want to go to the Farmers Market, you need to come earlier as they close at 7pm.

On Saturday, we’ll still be on the maintenance plan (10-13k), with a 7am start. A few walkers will be out at Pearson airport strolling 5k on the runway in the Runway Run, and as mentioned above a group will be racing on Sunday in the inaugural Niagara Wine Half Marathon. No T shirt, but you get two wine glasses! Race begins at 11am – it could be hot!!

Wherever you are…whatever your goals are….get out and walk! Enjoy spring!

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