The heat has arrived!

Susan S, Mary W, Ela, Mary G, Laurel, Susan B, Fiona, Klara, Carol, Linda and Sue C met at High Park and did anywhere from 8k (Linda and Carol with injuries and me – Sue C – just plain tired) to 17.5k (Rorie & Shelley – way to go!).

We missed members of our group who are heading out on Sunday instead (Phyllis & Margie) – so glad you have as wonderful a day as we did to do your distance. [Phyllis greatly appreciated Margie coming out to walk with her for 16.5k, as 27k is a long walk, alone!]

Sherry – we wish you all the best on Sunday at your triathlon – you are amazing!

As our group headed back to breakfast, we felt the heat of the sun and increased humidity. We remembered the benefits of starting our Saturday distance at 7:00am (I know, I know) before the sun becomes too hot for the final leg of our distance (and also to stay out of the way of all the cyclists). Just a reminder to step up hydration in this weather and bring additional food. After our stretches, we had a lazy breakfast on the patio and waited for the rest of our fellow walkers to arrive.

Remember that on July 2nd, we will begin our Saturday walks at 7:00am.

Race Reminders (these are my two favourites):
Midsummer Night’s Run – Saturday, August 20

Let’s get a big group together for this race! Registration is $65 until July 31st. Here’s the registration link:

Island Girl Half – Sunday, September 25

Held on Centre Island, the race starts at 9:30am and you get a free ride on the ferry! Loads of fun – here’s the link for the half marathon:

Price increases to $70 on June 25th so register today!

See you on Tuesday!

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