The great gathering!

I saw my first robin of this spring on Saturday as we walked the cemetery.  Most people have apparently seen quite a few but I live on King Street across from a construction site so I rely on the walks I take in the cemetery for my brush with nature.
This weekend was a great gathering for the Toronto Power Walkers.  The group preparing for Big Sur were walking through the city putting 28 kilometres on their shoes.  They arranged to be at Mount Pleasant Cemetery half-way through their walk and met other members who joined them for their last 10k.  This second group walked 16 kilometres training for upcoming half marathons.

Another group, doing 12 kilometres, ran into the meet-up at exactly the right time to get a picture.  And of course, Helen had her camera, and a passing cyclist took the shot. (Photo to be posted soon)

One of our injured, Carol, also completed a few kilometres and then held our spot at breakfast.

Next Sunday, some of our members will be racing down Yonge Street but there will still be a number of us walking on Saturday at the Cemetery, so come on out!  We are moving to back High Park starting April 28th. 

Also, consider whether it’s time for you to start coming out on Tuesday nights to start working on your speed for the race season.

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