The Gifts of Walking…

It’s the season where many of us get and give gifts so I today I am writing about  three gifts that walking has bestowed upon me. 
The first is the obvious one – improved physical fitness. From the waist down I actually have firm muscles and decent bone density.  Overall I seem to be in better shape (more endurance, more flexibility) than others my age who don’t walk or do some other regular exercise. And that’s important in maintaining a good quality of life over the long haul.
The second gift is better mental health. The research consistently shows that exercise helps stave off things like dementia and anxiety.  And I know from repeated experience that I feel  both more relaxed and sharper after our walks – even when it is a struggle to get out there. Part of it is the exercise and part is the stimulating and comforting interaction with my walking buddies.
The last gift is spiritual growth – walking is a time to reflect on and share life’s joys and sorrows and, in doing so, work through issues, improve my inner peace and go forth stronger.
So thanks walking – and thanks to all my wonderful Toronto Power Walkers.

And, in the spirit of giving, let me share the results of a comparison of various running shoes that appeared recently in the Globe and Mail – the top rated shoe was one of the least expensive – the Saucony Cohesion!

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